Banana Splits

Banana Splits is a program that provides information and support to students whose families have experienced divorce.  Frequently, the stress experienced after a divorce becomes a distraction to students and affects their ability to take full advantage of their education.   The Banana Splits program brings students together in a group to talk and listen to each other’s feelings, and to receive support as they adjust to the changes in their families.


The school social worker and the school nurse facilitate the groups.  Curriculum is developed from several sources to provide a foundation of education, understanding of family dynamics and the stages of grief.  A blend of discussion and activities are used to make the information understandable and useful in helping to adjust to family changes.

Band and Music

Dawg Runs

Family Nights:

Family Reading Night

Gr. 3 Family Science Night

Gr. 4 Family Math Night

Gr. 5 Family Technology Night